Modern nations leverage advanced technology to enhance their defense forces, covering communication systems, intelligence monitoring equipment, and command center facilities, all with primary aim of safeguarding national security. Given the unique and highly sensitive nature of national security, storage devices in these applications face a multitude of challenges. Data security is of utmost importance. Rigorous encryption algorithm ensures the proper protection of classified military intelligence. The second challenge pertains to the need for stable operation in harsh environments, which requires high durability to withstand vibrations and temperature fluctuations. Finally, high read/write speeds are essential for efficient data storage to fulfill various tactical requirements. By safeguarding combat data, ensuring tactical accuracy, and guaranteeing strategic effectiveness, it becomes possible to optimize national security, thus upholding the sovereignty and defense capabilities of a nation.


  • Military Computers
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Radar Systems
  • Military Communication Equipment
  • Surveillance and Intelligence Systems
  • Integrated Combat Platforms

Challenges & Solutions


Robust Protection for Confidential Information

TCG Opal & Hardware Purge

Military-sensitive data requires advanced encryption to ensure safety of transmission and storage, preventing malicious attacks and unauthorized access by hostile entities. Compliant with TCG Opal 2.0, Transcend's SSDs are designed as Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs), enabling data encryption and decryption directly within the device, independent of the host system. Furthermore, Opal-compliant SSDs support boot authentication and sector-specific permissions, allowing device managers to set permissions for different sections of the drives. These features enhance data security levels and prevent potential leaks of classified information. Hardware Purge, another hardware-based technique that Transcend utilizes to elevate drive security, returns SSDs to its original state immediately, thoroughly erasing sensitive data. With the integration of various security technologies, Transcend makes sure storage devices are highly protected, while maintaining their high agility.

Learn more about TCG Opal Learn more about Hardware Purge

Stability & Reliability

Overcoming Climate Threats

Wide Temperature

Given the unpredictable and often harsh weather conditions on the battlefield, it is crucial that memory modules and storage devices can withstand frequent temperature fluctuations. Transcend's industrial SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives are engineered to excel in these challenging conditions, offering a broad temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. Additionally, our DDR5/DDR4 industrial memory modules extend this range even further, providing stable operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 95°C.

Learn more about Wide Temperature

Ruggedness in Harsh Environments

Corner Bond, 30µ” PCB Gold Finger, & Underfill

Military systems are often deployed in extremely harsh environments, such as on the tanks, in the fighter aircrafts and on naval cruisers. In most scenarios, vibrations, crashes, and thermal changes occur frequently. Transcend's storage devices are built with multiple optimization technologies, including Corner Bond, a technology to reinforce the bond between critical components and PCB boards to increase component shock resistance and stress endurance. The 30µ” PCB gold fingers prevent components from oxidation and potential damages of chemical reactions, while maintaining signal stability. Underfill, another advanced technology provided by clients' request, ensures a stronger mechanical bond between silicon chips and the PCBs, achieving outstanding reliability under high temperature, high pressure, and high gravitational acceleration.

Learn more about Corner Bond Learn more about 30µ” PCB Gold Finger Learn more about Underfill

Efficient Storage

Gaining Tactical Advantage

High-Quality Storage and Performance

Military defense systems need to handle a significant amount of data while carrying out complex tasks, such as issuing commands, analyzing foreign intelligence, and maintaining secure communication network. High-performance storage devices act as a pivotal role by providing high transfer speed and reducing system latency. Transcend's BiCS5 PCIe SSDs are built with branded chips and NVMe PCIe interfaces that offer stunning speeds, satisfying real-time data processing and enhancing operational efficiency, which is crucial for the successful functioning of military defense systems.

Providing Critical and Accurate Intelligence

ECC Mechanism

In armed forces systems, unclear or incorrect data can lead to misjudgments or mission failures that might endanger national security. The error correction code (ECC) mechanism can detect and correct data bit errors within storage units to ensure data accuracy and prevent data loss or corruption. It is indispensable especially for information delivery among military bases and intelligence exchange, increasing accurate planning and strengthening defense systems.

Long-Term Supply

Sustainable Long-Term Supply

Effective Product Lifecycle Management

Transcend possesses a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) mechanism, adopting different management strategies at various stages to ensure stable supply and consistent quality. With over three decades of experience in memory product manufacturing, we maintain long-term strategic partnerships with renowned suppliers in the world, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality NAND flash memory and controller. We work closely with our partners to implement rigorous chip and memory packaging testing processes, guaranteeing product quality and reliability.

Embedded Software Solution: Control Center

To better manage data processing centers, Transcend's Control Center software allows instant management of edge storage devices, either on premise or in the cloud. Transcend also further utilizes the data accumulated to provide a reliable forecast and optimized advice, helping enterprises to analyze the demands and achieve higher cost efficiency.

  • Integrated and user-friendly interface
  • SDK (Self Development Kit) for seamless implementation in different operating systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on AWS and Azure
  • OTA device update and efficient management
Learn more about Control Center

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